An experience you’ll never forget

Put your earphones on and go for a walk. Take in the world around you, see the streets of Brisbane in a way you’ve never seen before and be part of something bigger.

Theatre can be a wonderful thing sometimes and a library for the end of the world reminds us why we love theatre. To experience something and that connects and stays with you is rare, where it makes you pause for a moment and really feel something, but Vena Cava has created something so magical and powerful that restores any lost faith or hope in theatre as they bring one of the best theatre/art experiences to the streets of West End.
The gist of the experience is simple. You meet at a seemingly monotonous street corner, you are directed by a cassette tape to a secret location where you find a database of cassette tapes left behind from previous participants. There are rules to the library though, follow them carefully. Listen to as many cassettes, or as little, as you like. But believe me the time you have in here is not enough. You also have one job to do before you leave, but I won’t tell you what that is, you’ll just have to find out.
This piece of theatre/performance art is a beautifully melancholic and existential experience that will get you thinking and feeling like no other. Usually actors are able to execute emotion and connect with audiences, but there are no actors here, you are by yourself. Vena Cava capture such raw emotions and feelings using only a cassette and they have to be applauded for that.
I cannot speak highly enough of this experience. This is everything that the Anywhere Festival is about and I feel this will be the show of the festival. I hope Vena Cava are able to expand the project; seeing this on a larger scale would be something truly special.
I want more time in that library.
The season for the Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014 has sold out, and rightly so, but I did hear whispers of a season extension; so do yourself a favour and keep tabs on it and jump at the chance.
It’s the day after and I cannot stop thinking about it.
If you want to find out more, here’s the details:

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